Dragon Mountain Martial Arts Academy is based in Rizhao, China and welcomes students from all over the world to learn all levels of traditional martial arts.

We practice Qigong and Tai Chi on the mountain, facing the sea and breathing the fresh air. It is great exercise and deeply relaxing for your mind and body.

Our school offers fully equiped facilities, a systematic curriculum, experienced masters, professional translators, a tranquil environment, delicious food, and a harmonious community.

We have masters who are the inheritors of various martial arts and were originally traditional Shaolin monks. They are all superb martial artists, with many years of teaching experience both at home and abroad.

Learn Kung Fu in China

Learn Shaolin Kung fu from highly skilled Shaolin Warrior Monks.

Learning Tai Chi helps syncronises the mind, body and soul.

Sanda is an unarmed fighting system which was designed for the Chinese army. Combining modern boxing, traditional Kungfu with take downs and throws it's very!

Wing Chun is a fighting system for close range combat, it's very fast and fluid!

Inner and outer Qigong (Chi Kung), we will teach you both.

Xing Yi is fighting style that focuses on internal energy which is developed by the studying of 12 carefully picked animals movements.

More Information About Our Academy

About Dragon Mountain

Our school offers fully equipped facilities, systematic training schedule, experienced masters, professional translators, tranquil environment.

Meet the Masters

Get to know the masters before arriving!


Three meals a day, you'll enjoy the local cuisine of Shandong province.

Location and surroundings

Get to know Rizhao city, where to spend your leisure time and much more!


Different sized rooms all including a western toilet. Basic household items and comfortable environment will make you feel at home.


Read about what Visa to get and details around it.

How to Train HereIn 3 steps

You are currently only 3 steps away from fulfilling your Kung fu dream in China! We will help you all the way.

Fill out your application

Fill out the application form.


Once your reservation is confirmed, we will issue you an invitation letter for your kung fu training here in China.

Start training

Book your flight ticket to China. No matter if you choose to fly directly to Rizhao or Qingdao, or choose to come by train, either way we will come and pick you up.