Before Your Come

Things to bring with you
You might currently be a student, ex-student, working, or not working. The clothes you need in daily life here in our school is not the same. 5 days of the week you'll be training, so pack and bring clothes for this. Loose long pants, shorts, t-shirts and long-sleeves, for summer and for winter. Comfortable running shoes is good to bring, but do know that we have shoes specialized for martial arts training that we can help you buy. If you happen to forget to bring something you can find it in city center. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and also a few cheaper Chinese brands that ain't that bad!
The Ocean is close by, maybe bring your swimming suite? We have a lot of mountains nearby so you might want to bring your hiking equipment.
If you want to keep in contact with your friends and family through Facebook, and want to be able to access youtube you should get a VPN before entering China. There are free once which are fine, but it's definitely more assuring to get one you pay for.


Things to buy in China
 You can get the items you use in daily life in the nearby stores or supermarkets. You don’t need to worry about bedding, sheets, pillows or blankets because it's all provided by the school and included in the price. We will devote ourselves to make you feel at home.


Physical and mental preparation
All kind of movement will help with your martial arts practice, which includes running, swimming, ball sports etc. Calisthenics like Push ups, pull ups, squats etc are all good for strengthening and preparing you. Mental preparation: it’s natural to meet culture shock in another country because there are differences in ideology and culture backgrounds between Eastern and Western countries.