FAQ Kung Fu Training

There are no special requirements for learning kung fu as we teach according to every single persons level. If you have previous injuries just tell us and we'll adopt the training according to your capability.

The school fee covers training 5 days a week, accommodation, meals 3 times a day and the training facilities.

You'll be training 5 days a week, and that requires a lot of training clothes. The winter is cold and summer is very hot, so pack accordingly. Other than this you want to pack according to the length of your stay. Still, everything you need you can find in a local supermarket to very good prices. Bed sheets are provided by the school. 

Once you get to the school, you can enjoy accommodation and daily meals here. But you still need to bring some money for everyday life, like some food, you know that there are a lot of delicious food here in China which you should never miss. And money for personal articles, transportation and travel. In a large part, it is still up to you.

Yes there are. Just down the road from the Academy we have 3 smaller supermarkets where you can buy fruits, daily toiletries, shoes, clothes, cleaning equipment etc. In the city town there are several bigger shopping malls where you can get everything you need. 

We have proper hospitals here in Rizhao with good medical care to a fair price. We always properly warm up the whole body before going into the vigorous parts of training, but if an injury occurs our school staff accompanied by a translator will go with you too.

Yes, we can help you extend your visa. Shortest visa is 1 month, and between there you can get 3, 6 and up to 12 months visas. If you wish to stay longer than 12 months we'll just apply for a new visa according to your desires, you will not need to leave China in the process.

Yes, in every student room there's a western toilet.

Yes we provide Wi-fi. Before coming here you should probably buy or get a VPN for free. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram among a few isn't allowed in China.

The ocean is a few kilometers away from the academy, and by the seaside there are many restaurants, street markets and street food vents. The oceans' temperature here is very comfortable so it's perfect to go there for relaxation after a hard week of training in the summer.

We will award certificates to students who finish their study here. We will give you a certificate which can prove your learning experience in China. And if you are really superb in Kung Fu, you can go back to your country to be a trainer with our certificate.

Yes, our price varies according to how long you choose to stay, with the price getting cheaper per month, you can pay per month or pay all at once, it's all up to you.