Chinese Classes


Mandarin Chinese, the language spoken by the most people in the world. Just in China 70% of the population has Mandarin Chinese as their mother tounge. Think about that, a population of other 1 000 000 000 people.. It's also spoken in 33 other countries, and on top of that there are millions who have Mandarin Chinese as their second language or third.
As you can see it's a useful language to know, but how does it help you in your martial arts studies?
With China's 5000 year old history you could imagine this countries' language has changed and evolved during the years, which it has but a lot of modern characters are very similar to the ancient ones'. Some say you have to learn a countries language to learn their culture. For China this is very true.
Chinese traditional Kung fu is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, so learning some of the language will help you understand how the martial art has evolved.
Even thus our master's speak some English, being able to speak basic Chinese will improve your learning and for sure make your stay in China even more fulfilling.

In our Mandarin Chinese class, you will learn pronunciation, the 4 tones and basic everyday life sentences, like basic greetings, how to buy things in a supermarket, useful travel words etc. If you have wishes of what to learn our teachers are happy to hear your suggestions.
For those who are interested we can also hold classes of Chinese philosophy and Calligraphy.