Learn Qi Gong

The word Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is made up of two Chinese characters. Qi means life energy or universal energy, Gong means is usually translated as achievement, result, or accomplishment. Qigong (Chi Kung) thus means to “cultivate energy”. It's an art that helps you to maintain health, to heal and to increase life vitality.Although Qi gong is divided into different styles, like Chinese medical Qi gong, Daoist Qi gong, Buddhist Qi Gong, Confucian Qi gong, there are common areas like body postures, breathing techniques and focused intentions. It is a way for Chinese martial artists to take their kung fu skills to a higher level and develop spiritual awareness. Qi Gong will help you enhance your balance, reduce stress, develop energy and increase concentration.

There are mainly two types of Qigong which are divided into dynamic Qi gong and static Qi gong.
Dynamic Qi gong refers to physical movement. It is characterized by an emphasis on body movement combined with emotions. The static Qi gong means the body does not move, and relies on consciousness, breathing carried out with self-control.