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Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial arts form which originates from South China(Guang Zhou & Fu Jian Province ). There is an interesting story about how and why Wing Chun has created. During the Qing dynasty, In order to revolt against the tyrannies of Qing Dynasty government’s reign, the southern shaolin temple had a fight with the government. The government destroyed the southern shaolin temple. The monks left the temple and became homeless. One of the five greatest martial arts artists that escaped was a girl named WuMei. She fled to the mountains. One day when she was out searching for food she saw a snake and a crane fighting. She studied their moves and tactics with intense focus, and with her knowledge of Shaolin Kung fu then created Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is foucsed on close range battle with rapid soft hand movements. All the movements and sequences is developed to save time. In WingChun no matter if you attack or defend, you do it simultaneous and this is the biggest benefit of the martial art.
The application of Wing Chun has no fixed shape, but the training process has to be followed in order to maximize the understanding the vastness of the art.